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These are just some of the powder blends supplied by LFI.
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  1. Flour supplements
  2. Raising additives
  3. Bread improvers
  4. Baking powders
  5. Bread Mixes
  6. Bread supplements
  7. Seed Blends
  8. Cake mixes
  9. Scone mix
  10. Donut mixes
  11. Dough relaxants
  12. Enzyme preparations
  13. Soya flour
  14. Gluten
  15. Meat Tenderiser
  16. Vitamins
  17. Potassium based salt
  18. “Chocolate Sprinkle”

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LFI (UK) Ltd - Powder Blending For The Food Industry

LFI produces dry food powders and mixes at its Worcestershire processing facility. Privately owned and independent, the Company has been producing powder blends for the food industry since 1987. LFI offers:

  1. Powder blending based on customer formulations
  2. LFI's own powder blend recipes
  3. Volumes from 125kg to multi-tonne deliveries
  4. Standard or bespoke batch sizes to match manufacturing processes
  5. Cost reduction opportunities by leveraging LFI's purchasing power
  6. Range of blending services from bulk delivery to end user packaging, labelling and delivery
  7. Accredited to the BRC Standard "A" Grade
  8. Technical expertise based on over 20 years experience in the food industry
  9. Powder blending consultancy - product development and production advice
  10. Food laboratory and test kitchen facilities for product development and testing
  11. Comprehensive quality systems across the business & well trained staff
  12. Modern, well-managed storage facility with product segregation systems

LFI provides powders to a diverse range of food companies. We produce everything from doughnut mixes to meat tenderisers and low sodium salt to gluten free baking powders - and much more.

The Company is based in rural Worcestershire with convenient and fast motorway links to the West Midlands transport network. We have extensive experience in the powder blending industry both in manufacturing and providing food science consultancy services to the food production industry. We supply powder blends to many large multi-national organisations and also work with start-up food business helping to create small quantities of pre-mixes for new food products. Our customers include suppliers to all of the major UK Supermarkets and specialist food producers.

To find out more about LFI (UK) Ltd and how we can help with your powder blending requirements please contact us.

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Powder Blending For The Food Processing Industry