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LFI (UK) Ltd works within the food industry supplying powder blends and helping customers develop and produce bespoke powder blends to meet specific requirements. The company supplies an extensive range of single powders and blends across a range of food industry sectors. We also work with customers to develop new products and mixes. Our on-site test kitchen has ovens, deep fat frying facilities, and a bakery spiral mixer and is a valuable resource for ourselves and our customers during product development and testing.

Blended powders or single materials can be supplied in either 25Kg units or batch packed into units specific to the customer’s process. Please contact us to discuss your product development ideas or powder blending requirements. Larger bags are available for some products - please contact us for details

The LFI range includes:

Mills Materials

10% Ascorbic Acid blend
Raising Additives (baking powders)
Barley Beta Amylase
Malt Flour Blends

Enzyme blends available standardised to various strengths including:-

  1. Fungal α- Amylase 450 skb
  2. Panzyme 450 skb
  3. Panzyme 900 skb
  4. Panzyme Plus 450 skb

Vitamix vitamin flour supplements, specific to country’s requirements, including:-

  1. UK
  2. Canada
  3. African countries
  4. Asian countries

Bakery Products

Bread improvers: Allfine, spring Allfine

Raising Additives (Baking powders):
Aeration volume: low to high
Aeration release speed: Slow to Fast acting
Aeration release profile: Single action, Double action
Wheat Free
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Bread Mixes
Bread Mix Concentrates
Bread supplements: Vitamin & Fibre enrichment
Cake mixes
Scone mix
Donut mixes – yeast or cake (American)
Dough relaxants:Chemical eg. L-cystaine, Enzymic
Enzyme preparations

Seed Blends

Multi-grain mixes for bakery
Complete mixes with seeds, flours and improvers
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Primary Materials

Soya flour
Ca proprionate
Ca Sorbate


Meat Tenderiser (Papain based)
Amino Acids
Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate (Sodium Bi Carbonate)
Raising agent acidulants
“Lo Salt” – Potassium based salt
“Chocolate Sprinkle” – Cappuccino coffee


Powder Blending For The Food Processing Industry