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These are just some of the powder blends supplied by LFI.
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  1. Flour supplements
  2. Raising additives
  3. Bread improvers
  4. Baking powders
  5. Bread Mixes
  6. Bread supplements
  7. Seed Blends
  8. Cake mixes
  9. Scone mix
  10. Donut mixes
  11. Dough relaxants
  12. Enzyme preparations
  13. Soya flour
  14. Gluten
  15. Meat Tenderiser
  16. Vitamins
  17. Potassium based salt
  18. “Chocolate Sprinkle”

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LFI offers powder blending services to the food industry. Depending on customers requirements our service can start at the product development stage and continue through to the delivery of finished products in bespoke packaging direct to the producer or retailer.

LFI's purchasing power allows us to source raw materials at competitive prices and we are often able to supply a pre-mix of materials at the correct batch weight for a lower price than customers can purchase the raw materials.

Powder blends are mixed to our own recipes or to customers' specified mixes. The blended powders are packed into our standard volume packaging or bespoke packs. Using bespoke customer bag sizes, designed to meet a defined recipe quantity, means that mixes can be directly employed in the customers food production unit avoiding the need to re-measure quantities, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing production costs.

Powder Blending is carried out in stainless steel U-troughs and rotary drum blenders. The production unit offers flexibility in production sizes and mix types so that we can quickly and easily switch production runs. This allows us to manage allergens and seeds and other sensitive materials by the use of discreet mixing units and storage areas within the factory preventing cross contamination.

The production system is designed to keep food contact areas to a minimum. The toll blending process includes sieving of raw materials into the mixers and sieving finished goods leaving the mixer. The line also includes metal detectors which operate post packing so in the unlikely case of any contamination taking place during the packing processes the metal is detected prior to dispatch of the finished product.

All raw materials and blended products are stored in modern warehouse buildings with segregation of packaging and allergens. The Company's quality system covers raw materials stored in the warehouse and the hygiene management of the site. This comprehensive system ensures that:

  1. raw materials are fit for purpose
  2. appropriate periodic cleaning takes place
  3. products are stored based on good manufacturing practice
  4. hygiene levels are monitored by routine microbiological assay throughout the plant.

Powder Blending For The Food Processing Industry